Digital transformation
of your business processes.
Optimise and aim for zero admin.

Transform your business for scalable efficiency

Attract more customers

Include your online presence as a way to generate more leads. Enhance your digital marketing effort and only pay for advertising to amplify your lead generation effort.

Invest in digital marketing intelligently.

Optimise your processes

Analyse and unblock your delivery bottlenecks with the insight that data and artificial intelligence can provide. When re-engineered and optimised, use technology to automate your business processes as much as makes sense.

Automate optimised processes to increase efficiency.

Sell online

Sell your products and services online streamlining your sales cycle and sales activities. Use data to unblock your bottlenecks and apply grease to your funnel.

Steamline your sales funnel and reach global markets.

Increase profits

It is your leadership, your culture, your people and your assets that gives you your edge. Improve and amplify these by oiling your machinery for scalable efficiency.

Increase profits through scalable efficiency

Some of the clients the team has worked with.

We work with you to deliver

Business Processes

Analyse and Improve

Using lean six sigma principles, we work with your business managers to understand your processes and to discover the best ways to measure and control them.



We use Python, Django and ReactJs to implement the automation, and Google's Tensorflow to design and implement artificial intelligence capabilities wherever needed.


Highly scalable

We deploy your solution on our Amazon and Google cloud Kubernetes platform ensuring a fault tolerant and highly scalable architecture for your business critical system.

Solutions for your business

Strengthen relationships by transforming your 'magazine' website to one that digitizes your value chain and allows stakeholders across it to seamlessly interact with you.

Engage with stakeholders across your value chain.

Increase visitors to your website with detailed SEO highly relevant to the services or products you sell. Once you have enough visitors, you will want to "convert" them with a clear call to action.

Amplify your sales with digital marketing.

Use e.g. CRM, e-commerce, digital documents capabilities to automate your workflows, and use artificial intelligence to derive insights form your data that would have been impossible before.

Automate workflows and derive insights.

”In God we trust. All others must bring data.” Deming. Good instinct is essential in running a business, and timely data serves to sharpen that instinct.

Manage your business with KPI dashboards.